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Thank you for the excellent treatment and care of my horse, Max, it is so nice to have him home and looking so well again.

Carol N (owner)


After the vet had spent 3 hours stitching up Frenchie's deep laceration to his hip bone and confirmed my worse fears that he would have to be on box rest for 3 months to make sure that there was no hairline fractures to his pelvis. I rang Jo straight away as Frenchie had been to West End Farm before as a holiday livery. She came straight away to discuss the options with the vet who referred him there. That same night, we took him to Jo's place. Frenchie is the type of horse who prefers to be outside in the pouring rain and can cause havoc being in his own stable for half a day waiting for the blacksmith! So I did have strong reservations about him being a "good patient".
He was stabled in a large, airy, stable in a prime position in the yard watching all the daily activity. My vet, Jo, her staff and myself worked together to assess and monitor Frenchie's progress. After 3 months, Frenchie started gentle exercise to develop his muscle wastage. Jo and her team helped him to improve his physique by controlled exercise on the horse walker and being walked out in hand. After a month of building up his muscles, Frenchie was able to have a rider on his back again. Now, he is back at home, enjoying going out in the field especially rolling and getting mucky.
I never imagined that he would recover enough to be able to go out in the field, let alone be ridden again. I am sure that Frenchie being at Jo's sped up his rehabilitation, taken the stress out being confided to a stable for several months.
With Jo's caring and experiencing approach and aided with a variety of facilities to help the equine rehabilitation, I would recommend West End Farm to anyone

Fiona W (Owner)

Dear Jo

I just want to thank you very much for looking after Storm for me - he really looked so well after 2 weeks with you. Also I have bought the feed you recommended and will use it throughout the summer. I actually rang the company and told them how delighted I was with this feed.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon

Once again many thanks

Cheers  G   - Owner of horse left with us for 2 weeks holiday livery.

 l can HIGHLY recommend West End Farm Stud. Sent my stallion there last year to stand before l parted with him- they saw to his EVERY need he was so very chilled out! Just CANT recommend them enough! - Trish posted on our Facebook page - January 2012