West End Farm Stud, Thornholme, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 4NN. Tel. 01262 490570. Mob 07779 637507

 Email: info@westendfarmstud.co.uk

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West End Farm Stud Breeding Quality Horses combining Temperament with Performance


At West End Farm Stud mares are able to have either a natural covering or AI in a peaceful environment with other mares and stallions on site. The stud has purpose built mare handling facilities thereby ensuring the safety of mares, foals and handlers.

We also welcome mares not using our own stallions to be inseminated with Chilled Semen. For those looking at frozen semen we can also help by arrangement.

Mare owners choose the semen they wish their mare to be inseminated with. This then, if requested, may be ordered by ourselves and delivered direct to our stud, thereby cutting down on costs and time of mare owners.

We endeavour to ensure mare owners are regularly updated on their mare’s progress through emails or texts and owners are always welcome to visit or phone.

Our experienced staff also specialise in nervous or maiden mares ensuring that your mares (and foals) time here can be an enjoyable one.

We will always take time with your mare to minimise stress. We do not believe in restraining or sedating mares without good reason and would always rather give mares a few extra minutes settling.

Our regular Veterinary Practise, Equine Reproductive Services is second to none specialising in equine reproduction and we work very closely with them.  We are lucky to have the support and services of James Crabtree BVM & S, MRCVS or his colleagues visiting the stud several times a week.

Foaling Service

Having a foal is a very exciting time but it is also very stressful and time consuming - the foal will come when it is ready day or night!
We have large foaling boxes fitted with CCTV and very experienced, knowledgeable staff who will do their best to ensure the best care for your mare and her foal.

We do have limited availability for foaling your mare in 2015

Foaling Fee - Livery plus £150 or
£75 for mares visiting WEF stallions or in foal to WEF stallions

This includes round the clock monitoring of your mare leading up to foaling, ensuring the foal can stand unaided, ensuring the foal has suckled and checking that the mare has passed her afterbirth. It does not include any veterinary fees arising for the mare or foal.

To book your mare in download foaling form