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Freeze Branding and Marking

Freeze branding/marking is the permanent identification of horses and cattle. It is of great visibility from a distance providing a crisp and clear mark, thus enabling easy identification of cattle and a permanent identifiable, traceable security code for horses and ponies.

Freeze branding/marking is the process of using a super cold iron to alter the colour pigment producing cells, the result is that white or colourless hair instead of coloured hair grows at the brand site. The skin of a horse or cow contains millions of hairs which make up the animals coat.

When freeze branding/marking the intensely cold iron destroys the colour follicles at the brand site so that they no longer produce pigment. The hair continues to grow, the result is that the hair at the brand site contains no colour and appears white. On light coloured animals the bald appearance is desirable, as the bald appearance with no hair shows up better than a white brand.

Custom Freeze Branding and Marking

Custom Branding is a personal service that we offer.

We can brand animals with your own chosen mark or a design made to your specification, for example an emblem or incorporating digits made to your required size.

Our custom branding service is particularly popular with Breed organisations/ societies and studs.

Loss Of Use

Northern Brand offer the Loss Of Use brand. The Loss Of Use brand is a brand incorporating the letter 'L' inside a circle.

Often under certain circumstances where upon an animal has been designated as 'Loss Of Use' and an Insurance Company is required to compensate for this, then the Loss Of Use mark is requested by the Insurance Company.

Northern Brand operate on behalf of all recognised Insurance Companies nationwide.

The Loss Of Use brand is charged as our Custom Branding.